Basing its activities on product design, MAKOTO HASHIKURA DESIGN carries out integrated creative pursuits transcending the barriers of design across a number of fields including interior design, graphic design, art direction and business design consulting. We are adept at implementing integrated design packages that start from building company or organization brands and extend through to product actualization and promotion; we design a pleasant balance between technology and embodiment. While visualizing such abstract matters as corporate management policies and visions, we swiftly build development strategies for finding and generating new resources, working toward the solution of a variety of problems through design innovation.

Design areas

○Product design
All products, including consumer electrical appliances, precision equipment, furniture, household wares and daily necessities, lighting equipment, kitchen and household equipment, products for wet areas of the home, automobiles, fashion, sporting goods and health goods, industrial machinery, public equipment
○Interior and space design
hotels, residences, retail premises, showrooms, exhibition and venue layout design, installation design
○Graphic and communication design
packaging, CI, VI, art direction
○Brand design
○User interface and User experience design for products
○Corporate design consulting, corporate strategy design (corporate strategical design)

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